colorfulWorld AIDS Day is a time to reflect on the millions of women and children who have been impacted by HIV and AIDS worldwide. December 1st is a day to bring awareness of the AIDS pandemic and spread consciousness around prevention efforts.

Bajalia helps women in regions plagued with the AIDS by offering job opportunities to be able to afford healthcare to improve their quality of life. Access to affordable healthcare helps prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs.

Sub-Saharan Africa continues to still be the most affected region affected by HIV/AIDS.  Hats off to Western Europe and United States for their efforts in continuing to decrease numbers of new cases of HIV/AIDs. This decrease is largely due to the access to affordable healthcare. Bajalia is currently  working on the following projects in Sub-Saharan Africa to help curtail the spread of AIDS and manage the AIDS epidemic through job opportunities. Bajalia is currently working with 2 AIDS projects now: Wola Nani and Uganda. 


Wola Nani Recycled Paper Jewelry 

Wola Nani– Wola Nani is a Xhosa word meaning “we embrace and develop one another” The mission of Wola Nani is to enhance the capacity of the HIV and AIDS sector through research, advocacy, training and resources, to more effectively and developmentally meet key challenges to improve the wellbeing of communities and people living with HIV and AIDS. The craft project has been in operation for more than 15 years and has over 40 crafters who earn a sustainable weekly income. Income earned by crafters allows them to provide shelter, food, clothing and education for their children. Wola Nani’s crafters produce recycled paper maiché bowls, recycled paper jewelry, recycled magazine mirrors, beadwork, paper lampshades and tealight candles holders.


Uganda Paper Bead Necklaces

Uganda – In this region the AIDS epidemic claims the lives of many parents especially women, leaving the children to be cared for by family.  Bead necklaces and jewelry making helps women and children in the area earn a livable wage in an area made up of  90% unemployment.  This group works in the outlying villages with groups of women that have been organized into self-help groups, making one-of-a-kind paper bead necklaces to help support themselves. In addition, they are assisted with farming and starting new micro-enterprises that raise their standard of living.

Bajalia is especially passionate about raising AIDS awareness as this disease continues to be an epidemic in many regions outside of Sub-Saharan Africa that we serve. Not only is the disease taking over entire villages, the cost to treat people is astronomical. Despite much improvement in care of the disease, AIDS is still one the biggest global public health crisis in recorded history. Many are living with HIV and AIDS virus due to vast medical advancement in antiretroviral treatment. AIDS epidemic still claims an estimated 2 million lives globally each year.

african-paper-beadsToday, Bajalia will be donating a 100% of profits of our paper bead necklaces made in Uganda to continue to support AIDS initiatives  in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. We are giving a gift to everyone who supports this initiative by offering a BOGO for this special offer + 50% on paper bead necklaces.  

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