dsc00683Everything changes when women get a voice through a job. How do I know, because it happened to me.  As a CEO of Bajalia International Group, giving women a voice through a job started to become a passion out of my own story.  I realized at the age of 14 that I could only forge a future for myself if I had my own income and could make my own decisions about marriage and other life events. My first marriage proposal came at the age of 15, so had I not seen the potential of my own earnings. I’m not sure I could have overcome the pressure of my “Big Fat Arab Family” to make a choice of one of the suitors.  I’m horrified to think of what I would have chosen as a life mate at that age and life stage. Also, what could happen to young girls we work with like the ones pictured here.

My mother, who was forced to drop out of school to marry my father, was a catalyst in giving me a voice in this decision.

img_0267She wanted to see me have a chance that she was not afforded. Even though she eventually got to have a voice, she never got a choice as to when she could own her voice. I was able to pursue a career which eventually led me overseas to invest in the lives of women.  I think of the women we work with in various countries and see them make great decisions for themselves.  Through employment these women now have an opportunity to think differently.  They have choices for the first time in their lives to keep their daughters in school, to have access to medical care, and to become catalysts for change in their own community. 

Yes, jobs change everything for women and that we know for sure!  Join us in helping give women a voice by purchasing handcrafted necklaces by global women artisans at 50% off with this code NECKLACES50