Today, we spotlight our artisan Humera. She is a young woman who is taking charge of her life developing products for Bajalia with being co-owner of a family business alongside her twin sister and younger brother. Before increasing her sales through Bajalia, Humera did not know that there were ways to live her dream of going to college. Most recently Humera and her artisans produced our Beaded Rose Bud- Stretch Bracelet sold exclusively on Below is a picture of Humera with her producing team which includes her mother and sister.


According to Humera, working with Bajalia is giving her the ability to get an education without borrowing money. She loves that fact that she now has ownership of her destiny through the new business relationship with Bajalia. “By making jewelry, I am not dependent on anyone else. I have my own account. It’s important because we can’t move forward without education. For business, education is essential.” says Humera.

When Humera is not working on her own business during slow cycles, she and her sister are tutors helping to educate other young girls in her village. She and her sister want to be examples to other young girls that they too can go to college and further their education and marry later so she can grow her business first.dsc01772Hats off to Humera, for living her dreams and soaring high with Bajalia. Today, we spotlight Humera for her courage to live her dreams and pay it forward no matter the challenges.  You can still purchase her rose bracelet at  and it is now on clearancebajalia-punya-rose-bud-stretch-bracelet-d-2016052414572424478052_649