October is Fair Trade Month and there are numerous celebrations going on around the world. We want to take a minute to educate our Bajalia tribe on exactly What is Fair Trade and How Bajalia Plays in the Fair Trade Space.


According to the World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. The idea behind Fair Trade is about communicating standards and accepting behaviors for making goods to be sold in the global market. Fair Trade helps producers in emerging economies understand what is expected of them as they engage in business throughout the world. Certifications and accessibility varies country to country. At Bajalia, we celebrate all of our partners who are embracing Fair Trade and continue to work to help equalize the playing field throughout the world. However, we are concerned about how slow the process is moving.


Bajalia exercises Fair Trade practices with producers in our supply chain. Due to the nature of our business, we are not always able to attain Fair Trade certification for each product we sell. Some of the producers in our network live in war-torn countries and high-risk areas where access to Fair Trade inspectors and certification is not available. If we choose not to carry their products due to Fair Trade certification, we would marginalize them even more by not bringing their goods to market. This is the reason why Fair Trade logos are not displayed on products made available through our website and other retail partners. 

As a global consumer goods company, Bajalia believes in integrity and transparency with consumers and retailers as it relates to ethical behavior within their supply chain. We are committed to creating an environment where global artisans are able to come to market, regardless of their location in the world.


We understand how, more and more, people are living in the most difficult of circumstances; so today we show you some of the faces of Fair Trade. The pictures are the faces of women with amazing strength and dignity, those who have chosen to help bring jobs to families, neighborhoods, and villages we visit. These are the faces of women who can change the world. These women represent the hands which weave a future, sew a new tomorrow, mold a transformed world, and raise the leaders of tomorrow. Our hope is that the world will be completely FAIR for our producers to TRADE in the future.