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Reflecting on the beautiful creations from last weeks New York fashion week, the embellishments and runways were filled with Indian craftsmanship.  And though the “Made in India” brand hasn’t been cultivated, protected or promoted nearly as much as “Made in France” or “Made in Italy,” it’s no secret that many of the top international fashion brands use Indian craftsmen, just as we do. Of course there is our favorite designer with India roots, Naeem Khan, whom we adore who always celebrates his mother country.


But everyone from Oscar DeLa Renta to Erdem was showing highly embellished and embroidered frocks.  This makes me happy when I think of the jobs that are created for artisans in India  through this work. Granted the designers get most of the credit but we know from our experience that these types of jobs are life changing.

Investing in the crafts sector offers tremendous opportunity to improve the economic, environmental and social conditions of rural communities.

pa16371223738_1These remote villages and women cooperatives are a long way from New York, but they are closer than you think as you peruse the fashion magazines and our Bajalia website.

I know you are thinking where is the embellished and special items fro us mere mortals who are not shopping the runways, we thought the same thing. Design is in the details and we have your back.

We have developed a beautiful line hand bags and totes and can’t wait for the final products to hit our office soon. Here is a quick preview of what is to come.


Soon these will celebrate all that is good in handcrafted and embellished while providing jobs to women. BIG win for all of us. We will let you know when these beauties arrive.